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A mostly obsolete place

This site is known mainly for showing users how to do these things:

Remove Internet Explorer

Remove IE from Windows 2000 and slipstream new hotfixes.

Remove IE and junk from Windows XP and slipstream new hotfixes.

Click here for an overview of removing IE. (If you're feeling combative, skip to "tell me I'm wrong" at the bottom.)

Hotfix Lists

View the Post SP4 Hotfix List for Windows 2000, maintained courtesy of tomasz86

View the Post SP3 Hotfix List for Windows XP (gone)

View the Post SP2 Hotfix List for Windows 2003, maintained courtesy of me, FDV

Hack your Windows setup file

Hack SETUPAPI.DLL so you can modify Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 setup files

Add install-time drivers

How to manually add SATA and other drivers to a Windows installation CD.


You used to be able to ask questions about and get support for HFSLIP in this forum.

Support ended because TommyP got pissed off. Can you blame him, considering what happened?

Shut off Windows File Protection

Shut off Windows File Protection ... by either hacking a DLL or NOT hacking a DLL. The "not hacking" method uses two reg edits. Two. And yes, it works in Win 2000, XP, and 2003 and will always work. Yes, really -- always. And no, it's not the reg edit you're thinking of.

Download the fileset
(Please, only for those who already know the whole process)

Download some software that I recommend and use myself

History and Credits

Tell me that I'm wrong
Click here to tell me I'm wrong! But first, check to see if any of the following apply to you!

Contacting me

If it's just greetings, go ahead! I love getting that kind of mail!

If you need a question answered, please give a good try at figuring out what you need to before asking. If you're stumped, well, then, okay, e-mail me. It's not that I'm a jerk or anything, I just keep busy, that's all. My e-mail address is "fred" at this domain.

1. If you have not read the process, save it. Maybe you want to tell me that this can't be done, or will make a system unstable, or will make a user unable to update their machine (lol), or will disable Add/Remove Programs (hahaha! idiot), or disable HTML Help, etc. I've answered every criticism like this already, years ago, in blogs, forums, and on Usenet. Also, please know that you are most likely an imbecile. Why? Because you didn't bother to read. Reading the site keeps people from making you look foolish in public forums when you post things like "you can't remove IE! It's integrated!"

2. Please try to avoid asking me weird questions. Examples: "I have developed my own experimental TCP/IP stack, and when I use it with your files, I am unable to browse." Or "I want the DirectX sound component totally removed, how do I do that?" By all means, don't limit yourself, but there are scenarios that I don't cover because I don't think they're very useful. It's difficult for me to train you how to fight IE integration if you insist on tying one hand behind your back. If you insist on doing something really weird, chances are I won't have the time, patience, or interest to answer your bizarre scenario.

2a. Yes, people really have asked these kinds of insane questions and expected me to be able to answer. I'm really good, but I'm not the kind of good that I automatically know the answer in a scenario where you're essentially crippling the operating system.

3. To find out what a certain file does, look it up here.


The hard-won Wikipedia entry. There's a long story behind this, but the important thing is that an IE removal section exists now. Note that in the discussion page, some kid is apparently unaware that bundling IE with Windows was a HUGE issue in Federal Court in the 90's.

"The guy at the keyboard of a Windows Vista box, using Microsoft Office at work and Windows Media Player at home, is not the customer, he is the product. The customers are Dell, AOL, media licensing conglomerates, and so on." Tackhead, posted on Slashdot

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."
Bill Gates, explaining why Microsoft never listens to his customers

dogkill Because it's XP-specific and doesn't fit anywhere else, here is my Dog Destroyer for Windows XP (also kills Zip folders). Run it, and bye bye Search Dog. This isn't a Registry hack. This is permanent. (Source)

For search engines only...
Remove internet explorer
Remove internet explorer