B-b-b-but it's impossible!

Is this all real? No. It's fake. That's why there have been literally hundreds of people emailing me over the years and being active in the HFSLIP forum.

The press, the n00bs, and the MSCE's are all right and I and all my users are wrong, so if you are one of those, save it, I already know that this is all impossible and that this website is either fake or doesn't exist.

Here is a way to see if you're Without A Clue! Have YOU ever uttered any of the following?
I haven't read the site, but you don't really remove IE, you just hide the icon.
I haven't read the site, but it's all lies.
Firefox would be just as exploitable if it were more popular. Also, I don't know what these "zones" are that everyone keeps talking about.
You say you removed required data from IE.INF. Therefore IE is integrated! What a gift for logic I possess!
Windows Update won't work and I don't know how to download hotfixes from Microsoft and double-click on them!

Because of the way IE works, you can suffer security problems even if you don't use it.

Yes, having IE on your system and not using it can still be a security risk, because IE uses Zones that allow code (in the form of buffer overflow exploits) to be passed between the HTML subsystem and your file system, also called the localzone. No other browser does this, nor can they ever do this, as the Zones are coded into Windows, and Windows is a closed-source operating system. Non-Microsoft software vendors couldn't make use of the Zones even if they wanted to. So do you realize how idiotic you sound when you claim that you're secure having IE on your computer as long as you don't use it?

B-b-but if Firefox were as popular as IE then there would be just as many exploits!!

To be fair, if you bought into this nonsense, you probably read it in a post by some 14 year old on some forum or by that kid that maintains the Firefox Lies site. Google a little bit about IE's problems letting things "leak" from the Internet Zone into the Local Machine Zone. Do other browsers allow access to the Local Machine Zone? (Hint: THEY CAN'T.)

Internet Explorer 6 exploits

Firefox 3.5.x exploits

Picture time! Click on any of the thumbnails to enlarge, and learn why IE is a security risk if it's on your machine and you don't even use it.