Software FDV uses

All of this is 2009 and obsolete. Archival only.

First up is software that was created as a "side effect" of the Internet Explorer removal process. It's all GPL2 unless otherwise stated.

Control Panel Wrapper 1.0. This program is a simple wrapper that enables you to create "shortcuts" to applications in the control panel. CPLWrap runs on Win 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, and 2003. Since the Add/Remove programs Control Panel Applet can't function without IE, you can set up your favorite uninstaller to be a CPL applet. An anonymous donor created CPLWrap when it became apparent that it is the best way to deal with the fact that "Add/Remove Programs" stops functioning without IE.

REBOOT.EXE. This is a small command line program written in assembly that will reboot your machine. An anonymous donor created this at my request. Inlcuded in my fileset.

SLEEP.EXE. This is a small command line program written in assembly that will delay however many seconds you specify (i.e. "SLEEP.EXE 15" to pause for 15 seconds). An anonymous donor created this at my request.

SFCFILES.ZIP. By dropping the renamed DLL (to SFCFILES.DL_) into your i386 directory before creating your bootable CD, Windows File Protection will be disabled. It will not be turned off -- SFC.DLL will still check, but the difference is that it will check a file with an empty list of names. You can also boot into Safe Mode, switch this DLL for the default one, reboot, and disable WFP that way. This eliminates having to hack SFC.DLL. License: LGPL Lesser General Public License (you may use this without having to publish your source code).

NT 4 icon library. This is a DLL of NT 4.0 icons, called NTSHELL32.DLL, to drop into your SYSTEM32 subdirectory to make Windows 2000 look more like Windows NT 4. Included in my fileset.

Dog Destoyer for Windows XP. You probably saw this from the front page. This will also kill Zip folders. Run it, and bye bye Search Dog. This isn't a Registry switch that disables him, this is permanent. Somehow I guess I took the source down? Anyway it's just an EXE that runs an internal INF file and deletes the dog from the registry.

Compress every individual file in a folder by Yzowl. Imagine you have a folder with 50 files, and you need to run MAKECAB on every single one of them to turn them from FILE.EXE to FILE.EX_. Just download this program, and drag and drop your directory onto the file, and it will MAKECAB every single file for you in the top level of that directory and upon success delete the uncompressed version. This action will be performed without showing a console window, so be careful that the process is finished prior to messing with the directory. Also due to this hiding of the console window your anti-malware scanners may warn you about this file. Thanks, Yzowl!

None of this software comes with ANY warranty. If you run it and you're unhappy, don't blame me. Take a snapshot of your installation with Ghost or something first. I'm running a system at home that I ran ALL of this software on and everything works fine.

If ANY of this confused you, don't run the software.

Other software I recommend

... For the System
AVG Antivirus - Free Antivirus software.
Process Explorer
- From sysinternals is much better than Task Manager.
Freebyte Task Scheduler - From FreeByte Software replaces Task Scheduler.
Notepad 2 - Free text editor that has line numbering.
iZArc or 7-zip - So you can deal with your archives. Yes, they handle ZIP and RAR.
MyUninstaller - GPL version of Add/Remove Programs.
Unlocker - For when you get "Cannot delete file: it is being used by another program."
ShellExView - A handy utility to see which COM objects the DLLs on your system are re-creating.
MSCOMCTL.OCX - An OCX plugin that many programs need. Other places to grab it: Link, Link
DAEMON Tools - a virtual CD / DVD-ROM emulator.

... A Browser, Java, Flash, Shockwave, PDF reader, ad and popup blocker, and e-mail client
Opera, Opera weeklies, Firefox, FF nightlies
µTorrent - Name says it all. Search for a Torrent with the Torrent Search Firefox Plugin.
Flash Plugin - Install the plugin ahead of time so you can view sites that use Flash.
Shockwave - Install the plugin ahead of time so you can view sites that use Shockwave.
Proxomitron - A free web filter, and the best one you can get. Easy to install, spyware free, endlessly configurable. Some note that development has stopped, but the program still works. If you're not convinced, however, there is Privoxy too.
XNews – an old but great program for newsgroups. Here is how to install XNews.
Sun's Java - You need a Java Virtual Machine.
Pocomail or Thunderbird - Your Outlook replacement. Client comparisons Wiki page.

... Security
RootKit Revealer - From Sysinternals. More on RootKits.
SocketToMe and SocketLock - From Gibson. Test your sockets.

... For Media Playback
KLite Mega Codec Pack - Media Player Classic and all of the Codec files you would ever need, for free. They have a QuickTime player too, built in!
VLC media player - Also a great media player.
IrfanView and it's Plugins - Free graphic viewer of all graphic formats that I've ever seen.
Quintessential Player - Free player for MP3, OGG, FLAC, and other sound files.
CDex - If you live in a country where you have a right to use the media you buy as you see fit (I'm in the U.S. so I wouldn't know what that's like) rip your CD's and store your music on your computer.

... For Productivity
Open Office - Productivity suite. Run it from USB if you want.
Foxit Reader - To read PDF files You could use the resource hog Acrobat Reader too, of course.
PDFCreator - To convert files to PDF. You can also try GhostWord if using MS Office; it will let you export to PDF from Word, Excel, PPT like Acrobat.
Convert - Conversion software (cm's to inches, that type of thing, not file formats).

... Miscellaneous
IECompo - Lists the Internet Explorer components left on your system.
Resource Hacker - View, modify, add, delete resources in 32-bit Windows executables.
XVI - Free hex editor
ActiveXHelper - Get information on and manage ActiveX components (also lets you disable and re-enable them).
The Rename - Free file renamer and re-dater.
Windows Boot Disk
DVD Drive Region Detector
Directory Printer
Great Free OpenGL Screensavers (Second link) These will add over 10Mb to your installation, just so you know. Note that I wouldn't include them if they weren't worth having. The only resource hogs listed here are the OpenGL screensavers.
Microsoft CAB SDK (KB article here. You'll need the files in \bin)